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Completely original and quixotic...I’ve never heard anything like it.
— Brian Eno

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Like an epic from a scorched steampunk paradigm
— the music

The Crooked Fiddle Band formed in Sydney, Australia in 2006, the year that Pluto was redefined as a dwarf planet. The band features Jess Randall on violin and nyckelharpa (plural: nyckelharpor – check one out on your spare Swedish 50 kronor banknote); Gordon Wallace on guitar, bouzouki and cittern; Mark Stevens on double bass; and Joe Gould on drums and percussion.

The Crooked Fiddle Band mix blasts of fiery folk with the intense atmosphere and detail of post- and prog-rock, resulting in a multi-layered, complex and ecstatic hybrid they call 'chainsaw folk'.

Recording with studio legend Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Gogol Bordello) at his notorious analog-only Chicago studio Electrical Audio, the band have released two albums, which were preceded by two locally produced EPs.

Live, they are at home in the theatre of Sydney's Opera House, festival headline stages like the London Olympic Arts Festival, Woodford, Falls and Peats Ridge, as well as cult underground appearances at Tasmania's Dark Mofo, Germany's Fusion Festival, and the UK's Shambala. Supports include Shellac, The Beards, The Jezabels, Lunasa, Afenginn, Closure in Moscow and many more.

Jess Randall - violin, nyckelharpa, vocals
Gordon Wallace - guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, cittern, vocals
Mark Stevens - double bass, charango, vocals
Joe Gould - drum kit, percussion, guitar, vocals

“It is rare to hear genuinely original music these days, but when you listen to the Crooked Fiddle Band, your mouth will drop open.”
— Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald
When The Crooked Fiddle Band took to the stage, it was as though someone had put 10,000 volts through the dance floor
— Beat Magazine


Another Subtle Atom Bomb has the energy of a stage performance...I urge you to find it and experience the blast, full force.
— Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ
A reminder of how these guys can handle their instruments with chaos and class.
— Dave Ruby Howes, Triple J Unearthed
Musically it’s an album that’s intriguing, shapeshifting and powerful, as the Crooked Fiddle Band and few others know how to effectively achieve.
— - Michael Hunter, 3D Radio Adelaide
The best album of their career. It’s cinematic, progressive, danceable and wonderfully layered. This is easily one of the best albums to come out of Australia this year.
— Lachlan Dale, Art as Catharsis


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